Firstly, it’s to recollect the people who have left before by burning they could free the spirits of the they call as the ‘Pretas’. ‘Pretas’ are meant to be the spirits of people who have left due to a casualty or accident. The Chinese believe a good ‘pretas’ to be very dangerous. In order for their souls unwind in peace, they invite monks for their temples for this day. The monks perform sacred rituals as well as fruits and flowers just as one offering.

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Apart from the coaxial cables, the TV box can also be associated with a mobile phone line which will help in communication between the case along with the cable company. When the viewer wants new channels, a signal is sent for the cable operator with the phone line along with return a sign is distributed towards the case to see the desired channel. The same happens when a viewer demands a motion picture, a sign moves via phone for the cable company and another signal arises from the company towards the box as well as the movie is watched.

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